Register for the HAL Online program

The Healthy and Active for Life Online program is for NSW adults aged 60 years and over (45 years and over for Aboriginal people) and aims to build participants' fitness, knowledge, skills and confidence to lead active and healthy lives. The program will help you learn how to make small, sustainable changes in your lifestyle to improve your health, and includes tips on healthy eating and basic exercise.

Please note that the exercises included in this program are designed for beginners. This program is not suitable for those who already attend a regular exercise program (excluding walking groups).

Before you complete the registration form, make sure you have your GP's contact details, your email address and your emergency contact details available. You will also need to enter a password so you can access the Healthy and Active for Life Online program once your registration is complete.

Please note that each person participating in the program must complete this registration and enter in their individual email address.



Registrations for the next Healthy and Active for Life Online program have closed. To be added to the waiting list for the next program, please email Please note that programs commence at the start of NSW school terms.